Mother's Day at Circle of Hope Alliance - Northridge Cannabis Dispensary

Mother's Day is right around the corner and you are probably looking for a gift that she can use, love and cherish right?  Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the items in stock at our Northridge cannabis dispensary!

Contrary to popular belief, edibles can be a great way to start if mom is new to cannabis!  The trick is making sure she microdoses.  Try the Flavor RX edibles in stock as they are small gummies that can easily be broken into a microdose.

Mom got a sore ankle?  Help her out kid!  Rub some Papa and Barkley CBD balm on painful/sore spots to relieve the ache.  The best part?  Mom won't get stoned, so she can use this gift every day!

If you have a mom who's a bit more active and consistently on the go, try offering a Select Vape cartridge.  With so many strains to choose from, you can hand-select which cannabis-induced state of being will prove to her that you love her lots!

No matter what you or mom likes, we have plenty of options to choose from this Mother's Day!  Don't be a stranger, come visit our dispensary in Northridge!